Samsung POWERbot: The Essential Cleaning Robot Vacuum

Hi guys, this week on ZizekTheMovie, I’ve got an interesting device to consider. The POWERbot is an essential Robot Vacuum that knows how to clean and maneuver intelligently. It lets the house work while you play – the Samsung POWERbot Essential handles the vacuuming for you. It’s a vacuum that has 10× more powerful suction than the leading robot vacuum brands in the industry. This Robot Vacuum can easily map out and navigate through your home with its smart technology, and it can effortlessly adjust to all floor types.

Samsung Powerbot

The Samsung POWERbot Essential Robot Vacuum, has lots of great features that can be very much interesting. It’s gonna get popularity all over the world, just like Netflix app has got. Here are the list of the top 4 features of the Samsung POWERbot Essential Robot Vacuum.


The POWERbot is essentially packed with technology and is 10× more powerful than the leading robot vacuum brand in the industry. It has an easy pass wheels that rolls right over most vacuuming obstacles. Automatically, it can transition from carpet to hard floors with ease to provide the right type of cleaning action for any surface it’s on.


The Samsung POWERbot features a strong and powerful Cyclone Force System that generates strong centrifugal forces. This feature separates dirt and debris into an chamber which is located outside for reduction filter clogging, and to maintain suction power longer. It has a less clogging of filter for a more consistent power than our previous model.


The POWERbot Essential Robot Vacuum is a vacuum that contains 10 individual smart sensors and an onboard digital camera that help it determine the optimal cleaning path by easily creating a complete map of your home, including the furniture, the walls and stairways. Which implies that you don’t have to worry about furniture or objects on the floor. All you have to do is just turn it on, and let it do the work of vacuuming in place of you.


The POWERbot Essential Robot Vacuum cleaner has a brush which is motorized widely, which allows it to clean larger carpeted areas with less movement. It’s strong rotating motion helps it loosen trapped dirt particles. While it suctions across, the total brush gives you pick up from end to end. It can automatically adjust itself for carpet or hard floor cleaning. Which means that you get the appropriate amount of cleaning power needed on each surface.