Cyclotron Cycle: The Revolutionary Spokeless Smart Cycle

Since the invention of the cycle way back in the 1800s till the present day bicycles have never really been outdated even though there has been almost nothing new about them anymore. That fact held a truth value of unity until now because now Cyclotron cycles have done something revolutionary.


Details of Cyclotron Cycle

What could be revolutionary about a cycle you may ask, well say hello to a smart cycle. Introducing the world’s first hubless cycle with an interactive app (for android and ios) pairing the cycle to your phone, smart LEDs and a whole bag pack of sensors and features no one ever imagined a cycle could have.

Built by carbon fibres, the bike is considered to be durable and with its spokeless wheels and awesome LEDS; it bears an uncanny resemblance to the bike from Tron and who wouldn’t want to ride that.

Apart from its futuristic looks and revolutionary build, the cyclotron packs a heart rate sensor, real-time cycling data and turn by turn navigation, anti-theft GPS system and an emergency relief sensor. The lithium ion polymer battery is self-charging as you pedal, and it has a backup of up to 8Hrs. The smart ambient light sensor gives you the appropriate amount of brightness as suited for the environment.

The polymer built tyres mean that you will never have stop because of a flat type. These features have not yet completely made their way into the automobile which really makes you appreciate the complexly creative idea and its execution.
Adding on as the icing on the cake, the cyclotron has the lightest gearbox (heaviest being 11.6 kg) for and bike and the fastest shift time( about 200 milliseconds). The gearbox has three variants viz manual 12, manual 18 and e-shift 18. Lastly, this bike provides extra storage space as there are no spokes; you are free to keep some stuff on the wheels.

As for the cost and delivery, the lowest priced model starts at $1800 (Rs 120000) which has a manual 12 gearbox, while the highest priced model is at an astounding $3200(Rs 215000) having an e-shift 18 gearbox. Delivery for all models is expected to be around Q3 next year according to the official website.