How to Login Securely to Corrlinks?

What is

Losing loved ones to the state authorities in terms of prison incarceration is never easy to take. The loved ones incarcerated would like to have an opportunity to engage with their family and friends as well.  CorrLinks is, therefore, a window through which family and friends get to communicate with their loved ones who are behind bars.

This is an initiative by both correction agency and Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) that allows family and friends to subscribe to receive and send emails to inmates.

It is a company privately owned operating the Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System (TRULINCS) formed in 2008. This system is controlled by the Federal Bureau of Prisons and eliminates the tedious and long communication process via letters that have long been the norm.

The emails are monitored by prison management and inmates are given access to computers to respond except for those incarcerated with computer-related crimes.

Since it is a fee-based service, there are limitations to the internet and other facilities access. CorrLinks operates like a typical standard emailing system where message composition is consistent with the traditional email communication system. The account holders can send and receive messages from approved contacts.

However, no attachments like files, videos, and images can be sent via this system by both parties involved. Further, there is a limitation in the number of words you can use when composing a message. A single message must not exceed 13,000 characters.

CorrLinks is extensively developed that it has a phone application accessible on iPhone, Google Play, and Android. More impressive is that the system permits communication with specific inmates over video calls with a transparent audio system.

A downside to this system is that it doesn’t provide phone support services, both ways to keep costs down. There is, however, existing online support within the system.

Since it is controlled by prison management, the messages to inmates are delivered at the prison’s staff’s time of choosing. The personnel has the ultimate authority to review, hold, or reject all messages depending on how they perceive them; hence it takes as long as 1 to 24 hours to deliver an email.

How to Login to CorrLinks?

Just like any other communication system, you have to register to use CorrLinks services. First, you must be 18 years and above before visiting the login page to register by clicking on the register option to create an account. A signup page will pop up requiring you to indicate your name, email address, and password.

Upon full indication of the required details, proceed and enter the Captcha to register. A confirmation link will be sent to your registered email, requiring you to verify your email. Click on the link to activate your CorrLinks account to start communicating with the inmates.

At times, you may have a special unique identification code from the inmate via an email request. You’ll be required to make use of that code to get in touch with the inmate who sent it.

You must not forget to read the terms and conditions as well as frequently asked questions to acclimatize with the system. Login into the system is secure after registration, as you’ll only be required to use your registration email address and password. Apart from the sent code, you can add an inmate by using their known number they may have shared with you.

Since this is a fee-based system, you are required to load credit into your account via a credit or debit card to make use of the fee-based services. The inmates send a unique code to you to start communicating.

Upon receipt of the system, you must accept to commence communication. You have the power and liberty to block any inmate you wish not to continue engaging with.

You cannot, however, unblock a blocked inmate, and you must request the relevant agency, via a letter, to unblock such an inmate. In case all the inmates have been released, and you no longer want to continue on CorrLinks, you can request the agency to refund your account’s outstanding balance.

At times, you may forget your password and will be wondering how to retrieve or reset it. To resolve this, go to the login page and click on “Forgot your password?” option. Enter your registered email address, followed by Captcha’s completion before proceeding. Just like at the registration stage, an email with a reset link, with a lifespan of 24 hours to expire, will be sent to your email for action. Tap on that link to open a new browser window for your password reset and login.